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I am a physicist, graduate of Warsaw University.
The theory of everything in physics is my passion.

email: smizerski@o2.pl

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  1. John David Best has his web site Vida İnstitute. He put my articles page in ‘Timeflow Theory’ ‘http://vidainstitute.org/?page_id=656′. Vida Institute is intersting site. And my web site is http://www.timeflow.org
    In addition,
    I think that, my mathematical formula ‘Time Flow’ explains mind with time relationship. Do I right ? Can you delve in this ?
    In your opinion, discovery of a planet is more exciting. Or, as I’ve presented in the attached article, whether observing ‘A very tiniest mass in the space, having completed its life, have been turning into energy’ would be more exciting or not ? It is my belief that, this observation will be the proof of the General and the Special Theory of Relativity. This observation can be made only by NASA or ESA. I hope that I will be able to see this consequence while I’m still alive.

  2. Dear Stanislaw,
    Many thanks for your interest. I agree that relativity is only relatively true. I am deeply convinced that any formula reflects some laws of nature, or even philosophy of world order. The key point about the ‘time flow’ formula is that consumed time in a physical process equals to the amount of energy of that process.
    In the equation of time /time flow= energy, time is an interval like a road; time flow is like speed. Road is traveled only with speed and time is also consumed only with time flow. Therefore, increased time flow means decreased opportunity to utilize the time, and vice versa.
    For further information about my theory please see “Referee Letters” section.
    Best Regards

    1. Thank You. I think that concept of time flow may be interesting in physics but it is not necessary because concepts of time and energy are sufficent

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