(author: Stanisław Mizerski, Poland)

Dedicated to my daughter Agnieszka

I would like to present for discussion in the physics community my own original and novel conception of the theory of everything in physics. In my opinion theoretical physics  goes today in wrong direction because of wrong concepts and needs help of philosophy. Especially the role of mathematical beings (e.g. symmetries) in explaining the material world is artificially big. It seems to be reasonable to say that there is no the world which is described by latest physical theories. Probably physics will never attain such a level of satisfaction which is desired today (e.g. SUSY has failed). Despite of successes of physics. Because the real material world is in general quite different than the material world described by contemporary physics. This work is based on metaphysical fundamentals and gives a quite different vision of physics, including many analogies in real world. It may help to understand many difficulties in theoretical physics. Two fundamental notions-symbols  are used: BEM (from Basic Element of Matter) and APU (from Analogical Proportional Unity). The unification of physics in this work is practically realized according to the principle: All the reality in physics is the BEMs ‘story’ and all the cognition in physics is the APUs ‘story’. Especially the theory of Higgs boson or string theories or quantum gravity theories  are not accepted in this work. Lie groups and finite groups and symmetries in general are not treated as the foundations of the fundamental theories in physics. Please make comments concerning this work if You wish.

2 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. The theory of everything in physics is ‘Unified Strings 21 or 19 (Dimensions & Aspects of Spacetime)’ although it falls under thee theory of everything: GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 (on Planet Nestor; see http://GOD704.fandom.com .

    This can be explained to a 5th grader, how about yours? GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 covers every school on a university campus, how about yours? GOD=7_4 (and indirectly FOD=6_4 & S=19 theory) was first observed by the ancients, how about yours? GOD=7_4 is thee Bible Code, how about yours?

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