Table of Contents


1 Basic philosophical concept
2 How humans experience the material world
3 Cognitive and experimental material
4 The most general law of physics
5 Indexing the concepts and laws of physics
5.1 Classical physics
5.2 Modern physics
5.2.1 Relativistic physics Special theory of relativity General theory of relativity
5.2.2 Quantum physics Psi wave function and a proposition to revise the Copenhagen Interpretation Absurdity of the concept of punctual particles
5.2.2 3 Quantization of physical quantities Uncertainty Principles Electron self-interference Agreement between relativistic and quantum theories
6 Fundamental interactions
6.1 Gravitational interactions
6.1.1 The law of gravity
6.1.2 Impossibility of graviton
6.1.3 Quantum gravity Loop gravity Quantum gravity by B.Heim
6.2 Electromagnetic interactions
6.2.1 Coulomb’s law
6.2.2 Electric current, magnetism, electromagnetism and optics
6.3 Strong interactions
6.4 Weak interactions
6.4.1 Unification of electromagnetic and weak interactions
6.4.2 Unification of electroweak and strong interactions (GUT)
6.5 Higgs interactions
6.5.1The techni-quarks
7 The Standard Model
8 Conservation laws and symmetries
9 String and superstring theories
9.1 The holographic principle
10 M-theory and its derivatives
11 Other theories
11.1 SUSY theory
11.2 E8 theory
12 Experimental verification and falsification
13 Attempts to estimate the chosen concepts and laws of physics for ‘non-being content’
14 Transcription of concepts and laws of physics in APU convention
15 Derivability of physics from this TOE

15.1 Derivability of some physical constants

1 The ‘philosophy’ of the number three
2 Three basic constants of physics
3 Matter and antimatter
4 Dark mass and dark energy
5 Absurdity of the materialistic interpretation of particle annihilation and creation
6 Expansion of the universe as the effect of the human cognitive nature
7 Alleged superiority of the heliocentric model over the geocentric model
8 Renormalization as the effect of the human cognitive nature
9 Black holes and Hawking radiation
10 Quantization of space-time
11 Condensed matter
12 Waves in physics
13 Simplified description of the history of the universe

1 Wastelands, complications and weakness of contemporary physics
2 Perspectives for the development of physics.

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