THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING IN PHYSICS (author: Stanisław Mizerski, Poland) Dedicated to my daughter Agnieszka I would like to present for discussion in the physics community my own original and novel conception of the theory of everything in physics. In my opinion theoretical physics  goes today in wrong direction because of wrong concepts and needs […]

Table of Contents

I INTRODUCTION II BASIC TEXT 1 Basic philosophical concept 2 How humans experience the material world 3 Cognitive and experimental material 4 The most general law of physics 5 Indexing the concepts and laws of physics 5.1 Classical physics 5.2 Modern physics 5.2.1 Relativistic physics Special theory of relativity General theory of relativity […]

General concept of unification of physics

I INTRODUCTION The present-day physics, despite its undoubtable achievements, shows great chaos and lack of coherence. In essence, contemporary physics does not explain anything in depth. It revolves around rather short-term and chaotic attempts to create hypotheses. In my opinion theoretical physics  goes in wrong direction because of wrong concepts and wrong ideas and needs […]

Most general law of physics

4 The most general law of physics 4.1 Let us first notice that, in a certain philosophical simplification, the truth is coherence between a being and an intellect performing the cognition. Physics is naturally about material beings. Any law of physics must touch the truth and express it in its declarative sentence. 4.2 The most […]

Relativity and quantum physics

5.2 Modern physics Examples of indexing may be selectively shown as in 5.1. In 5.2 only the relativistic and quantum physics are discussed but using for example PACS we may take into account also other branches of physics. 5.2.1 Relativistic physics Special theory of relativity The basic Einstein’s postulate of the speed of […]

Fundamental interactions

6 Fundamental interactions Pursuant to 4.4, they are impossible. What seems to be interactions is presented in 2.1. If we, nonetheless, allow certain conventional (according to this TOE) fundamental interactions, we should also allow conventional fields of these interactions, e.g. gravity field or electromagnetic field. Modern physics assumes that fields are real, in other words […]

Standard Model and symmetries

7 The Standard Model It may be treated as a consequence of the assumed APUs, so practically as a theory which is true by convention. Its conventionality is extensive, and some elements of the Standard Model concept are unacceptable (e.g. the scalar Higgs field and its bosons). Often conclusions are made on the basis of […]

String theories and others

9 String and superstring theories String theories, of which there are many, are a consequence of the same reasoning, in which the existentiality of elementary particles is placed too high, and as a consequence the concept of string is born, followed by more complex string-like creations. A string which vibrates with energy is in itself […]

Practical reflections concerning theory of everything

12.Experimental verification and falsification 12.1 The very concept of experimental verification is not that simple. It seems that the case is not that either we do have a confirmation or we do not. It may be so that incorrect reasoning combined with an incorrect interpretation of the experiment’s results may give an illusory confirmation. Physics […]

Other specific and important topics in the theory of everything

III ADDITIONAL REMARKS 1 The ‘philosophy’ of the number three A reality which is cognitively well determined is in a way three-element. A long time ago, Aristotle noticed that the number three is exceptional. The whole universe is the third element in a certain order. The human is the third element in the order of […]